Exerciții cu cuvinte/ word poetry exercises

Exercise: We wrote a poem, than we broke it apart and tried to find definitions for each little or big word. Your task is to put the poem back together by solving the puzzle of our definitions. Each line is the definition (crossword puzzle style) for just one word (including prepositions, articles etc). Guess the word and, line after line, word after word, put the poem back together. Yes you will have the solution to the puzzle at the end, but don’t cheat!. Yes, you are allowed to use the internet to search for words…as if! 🙂

These are poetry reading / making experiments, more of the same and other exercises will follow.

And let us begin:


hard to define definite article (3 letters)

just one of its kind (adverb or adjective, 4 letters)

literary composition, written or spoken (noun, 6 letters)

to be used when speaking about your own experiences (one letter)

more than want, also to be found in a pyramid (verb, 4 letters)

preposition used to indicate a point or place occupied in space or time (2 letters)

still hard to define article, indicates specificity (3 letters)

the extremity of each thing (noun, 3 letters)

preposition used to indicate cause or source (2 letters)

still hard to define, but you already guessed it a few times (3 letters)

not night (noun, 3 letters)

to be, conjugated for someone (verb, 2 letters)

while hard to define, it defines (3 letters)

sound made, or effect of sound within a contained box (noun, 9 letters)

preposition used to indicate belonging, or being part (2 letters)

clear liquid (noun, 5 letters)

preposition used to indicate inclusion (2 letters)

that belonging to me (pronoun, 2 letters)

space dedicated to cleanliness (noun, 8 letters)

system of pipes for domestic water (8 letters).

receiving or acquiring something, in continuous form (verb, 7 letters)

not new (adverb or adjective, 4 letters)

preposition for company, not being alone (4 letters)

that still belonging to me (pronoun, 2 letters)

the person next door (noun, 9 letters)

in a dense manner, closely packed (adverb, 7 letters)

continuous act of respiration (verb, 9 letters)

preposition about passing, in and out (7 letters)

dividers of rooms (noun, plural, 5 letters)

adverb denoting similarity, equality while comparing (2 letters)

with little extent from one side to the other, like the paper (adjective, 4 letters)

used for comparison (2 letters, adverb)

natural delicate fabric (noun, 4 letters) ,

the person, when a storyteller of their own experiences (one letter)

to slide suddenly or involuntarily (verb, 4 letters)

preposition for entering (4 letters)

pronoun of male ownership (3 letters)

body part that can be saved from choking (noun, 6 letters).

the first person (one letter)

to be, when being (verb, 2 letters)

preposition used to indicate interior placement (2 letters)

the place you have to reach when starting from here (adverb, 5 letters)

preposition used for purpose, or motif (2 letters)

the repetitive action of daily getting better at something (verb, 8 letters)

belonging to the narrator (pronoun, 2 letters)

result of the throat cords (noun, 5 letters)

apropriate (verb, 4 letters)

indicates a specific element or category (article, 3 letters)

latin word for spot or fault (noun, feminine form, 6 letters)

in Esperanto means Yellow (adjective, 5 letters)

conjunction of connection (3 letters)

you should move fast, away from danger (verb, 3 letters).


hmmm, and here is the answer. But don’t peek. We mean it, we can seeee youuu!


Clean Words

The only poetry I need at the end of the day

is the resonance of water in my bathroom plumbing.

Getting used

with my neighbour thickly breathing through walls as thin as silk,

i slip into his throat.

I am in there to practice my voice, take the macula flava and run.


Macula flava –

  1. Layer 3 of the vocal chords/vocal folds: Is the intermediate layer of lamina propria. It contains a higher concentration of elastic and collagenous fibers when compared to layer 2. This layer is thickened at the anterior and posterior ends of the vocal folds. These thickened regions are known as anterior and posterior macula flava. These structures provide protection to the vocal folds from mechanical damage.
  2. Macula (Lat.) = spot, stain, blemish, flaw, fault
  3. Flava = yellow, in Esperanto; flavor, in slang English.

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